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published on 14.11.2005 by xir
a very small, easy blog/cms. based on xml/rss files. no database, no web-scripting.

plogit is especially designed for low performance servers. mainly freaky sysadmins and other funny persons are using such engines for example as chatserver or other community tools. in some cases this are old ibm or sun machines or other fancy stuff.
so plogit's maingoal is to provide a system for small and private blog-pages without the need of databases and webscriptings. the maingoal for the author is/was to wreak a little perl ...
it works just with a cupple of xml-files providing the content. this files are written by vi, mc or any other shell-editor. plogit creates html-files out of the pvovided contents using perl's html-template engine. for endusers it should be easy to handle, without any programming knowledge.

so what ... i started to write this tool actually just for fun. i started on a rainy sunday. there was no need to leave the house. just to get cigaretts and food. i did different steps but got horrible performance problems. the first version, i tried on created the pages on the fly, which needed around 30 seconds to get a page in a browser. because of this i created something like a caching system. the current version just uses to create a cupple of html-files and write them directly into the filesystem. i think this is the right way for future versions too.
i don't have tons of perl experience. i realy hope it's no WORN code in the system. if you find parts in the code to enhance, download and correct it, or just send me your ideas.
if you are interested in doing some work for this thingy just for fun, we should think about svn or cvs to bring all changes together. i realy would love if some people will help to bring it up. maybe just with the idea behind to practice a little perl ...

technical description

plog uses two special perl modules and a cupple of perl coremodules. is the main configuration of the system. right now there are still some missing attributes. i use fixed values in the script which is the main executable script. the second module is which resides under modules/ the plan is to include all logical methods needed by the system in this module. under templates/default/ you find the html-templates for webpages. they are done with perls template engine. i'm not realy happy about this, but i didn't know any better templating in perl. in future steps it would be better to find a more advanced engine. last thing i have found is an exention to this system called: HTML::Template::Expr. i will try it within the next days.

used perl core modules

      XML::RSS;             # perl rss-parser
      XML::Parser;          # perl xml-parser
      HTML::Template;       # perl html-templates
      CGI qw(:all);         # use as cgi for weboutput
      POSIX;                # posix setting

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